Leah & Randall are the head over heels for one another. After a few years of dating Randall worked up the courage to propose to Leah one afternoon. As unexpected as any given moment could be Leah was too distracted while she indulged in her favorite ruffles potato chips to even notice Randall standing aside her shuffling around in anticipation of his big moment. With his heart beating out of his chest and a ring in hand he got down on one knee and paused.. mustering up the courage to then speak his most heartfelt words to her and followed with “Leah, will you marry me? “. Leah locked eyes with Randall, reached in her potato chip bag, she smiled and ate another chip… This left Randall with a quirky smirk on his face as he stayed on bended knee.  The air felt still and full of curiosity as Leah looked long and hard at Randall. She finished chewing her potato chip before she gave her response ( but we both know she was just letting him sweat it out for another second or two) and then she said “Sure!”

Leah and Randall are the most unique, outgoing and loving couple I have met to date. They share a humor and a passion like no other. I first met Leah and Randall in a coffee shop and asked them to tell me about their love story. The best part of their love story was revealed even before words were spoken at that very moment… Randall turned to Leah, placed his chin in the palms of his hands, took a deep breath and sighed as he gazed at her. In that very moment as they shared that zapping connection I knew everything I needed to know. Their love is pure, it is filled with the best intentions and it is the most desirable type of love between two souls.  I look forward to sharing more on the adventures of Leah and Randall as they are due to marry this summer at The Madison Hotel.



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