About Cassandra Lynn Photography

I'm Cassie! The woman with the creative eye behind the lens. I specialize in portrait and wedding photography based on the East Coast and wherever love travels to. I rejoice in soft joyous imagery for the romantic, fun and relaxed souls in love.

I am the type of person to wear my heart on my sleeve and allows people to see the real me, which makes it pretty easy to get to know me. I always welcoming new friends with a big hug and a smile. Being a people person and getting to know my couples where they are in life is important to me so having conversations and laughs via email, on our consultation call or from behind the camera allows me to get to know you while guiding you with through your portraits. 

As an optimist, a mom, a wife and a woman of all sorts, I hold a few things closest to my heart. Scroll below and take a peek into what fuels my heart and soul!

A Dreamer and

Hi  there!


My Family

Meet my husband Hector, our son Noah and our daughters Mia. We are fueled by pure love, adventure and belly laughs.
We love outdoor adventures, taking trips to tropical islands and most of all enjoying our weekly game 


Fur babies

If I could own a zoo I absolutely would, but for now I am content with these two little ham's, Marvel & Quitara. Despite their size difference these two furry babies are quite the dynamic duo.


My love. My heart.

Let's get straight to the point, Hector and I met in band camp... (cue the jokes now!)
Although he may have been the show off in the drum line and I the color guard captain we had a love hate friendship that grew into an everlasting love. 

My heart and soul

of time and grew into an everlasting 12 year marriage. I didn't know it then but I met my soulmate at 16!

nights together!

True Love Stories Never Have Endings, Only Beginnings!

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Daily Dose of Pretty

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What's Next?


 Delaware -  New Jersey - Philadelphia







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